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Wash, haircut, and style 60+
Wash, and style 40+
Flat Iron 20+

Colour, haircut and style 110+
Colour, and style 95+


Partial foil, haircut, and style 165+
Partial foil and style 150+
Partial foil, colour, haircut, and style 190+
Partial foil, colour, and style 175+

Full foil, haircut, and style 200+
Full foil, and style 185+
Full foil, colour, haircut, and style 220+
Full foil, colour, and style 205+

On Scalp, and haircut 150+

On Scalp, and style 135+

Balayage, Haircut, and style 220+
Balayage, and style 200+
Balayage, colour, haircut and style 240+
Balayage, colour, and style 220+

|Treatments and Add-ons

Glossing 40+

Hair Treatment Concentrate 15+ 

Bonder 30+

Hair Mask 10+



Bridal 80+

Formal Styling 70+


Haircut, wash, and style 33
Colour, haircut, wash, and style 90
Colour, wash, and style 80

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